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We were asked to design and build a native phone and tablet app for iOS and Android to help people connect with the NewSpring church community.

UI/UX, Design, Development

NewSpring is church based in the great state of South Carolina helping to bring people together and make a difference in their communities.

For a number of years they had been successfully using “The Church App” from Subsplash consulting to provide a native app experience to their people. However, they felt in order to provide a more holistic experience inline with the church’s vision, they needed to develop their own native apps.

This custom approach allowed us to really explore what it could look like to experience church community in your pocket. One of the biggest challenges on this project, was that NewSpring already had an active userbase of over 80,000 so, our solution still needed to provide many, if not all of the features people were already using within the app.

The NewSpring app takes the personality driving the church and infuses it into a native experience to keep people in sync with what’s happening in their church community. Users can tune in for live services every Sunday, or browse through an extensive library of past sermons.

Time spent in the app tripled versus their website

Stories, articles, and studies provide uplifting and challenging content in a simple clean reading environment, making it effortless to switch between reading a devotional and the scriptures it references. The app also comes with a custom music player so you can listen to any of the NewSpring albums, the player conveniently docks to the navbar for easy access as you navigate through the app.

People can easily create an account to like any content type, saving it to their profile. For NewSpring, having a universal account system is their first step to an integrated digital future for their movement.

One of the unique aspects of this product was the desire for a unified experience from web, to android, to iOS. BRDDG was able to accomplish this through a custom css architecture focused on composition along with using cordova to manage a webview driven native app. The results were a nearly 100% shared code base between web and and native clients. In doing so, NewSpring was able to achieve a consistent experience from native application to web which helped to increase trust and comfort with its target audience.

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