NewSpring Giving Platform

We were asked to design and build a custom system so members could give to the church, all while keeping feature parity with their existing solution.

UI/UX, Design, Development

Almost every modern church strives to provide the easiest way for people to give money to enable the organization to grow and better reach its communities. Our friends at NewSpring church asked us to help them overhaul their online giving bringing the entire system in-house while making it seamless, friendly, and robust.

NewSpring was already using a third party service to provide a giving portal to users giving them an average yearly income around $40 million. As you can imagine, it was imperative these users and their existing schedules were migrated to our solution with as little disruption as possible.

Creating consumer trust was the cornerstone of our solution

One of the primary concerns when building an application focused on financial transaction is trust. This was especially true for NewSpring to convey trust to their users that their sensitive financial data was being handled with the utmost care and protection.

There were several key goals when we undertook this project with NewSpring.

  1. To be able to give in under 10 seconds.
  2. For all users with active schedules to be migrated to the new system within 12 months.
  3. Increase giving by at least 10%.

NewSpring giving has been built to provide a conversational style of interaction to the user, turning an intimidating experience into something fun, straightforward, and inviting. Using a tag based interface we were able to eliminate almost all dropdowns and provide an incredibly simple way for users to convert a one time gift into a recurring schedule.

One of the core problems NewSpring was under was the distribution of their data between multiple applications. Our solution to a performant and secure giving platform was to develop a GraphQL application and front-end library making React and GraphQL easy to use together. BRDDG was able to achieve a sub 1 second loading of the application while reducing network requests and keeping the platform secure.

Speed means more conversions and more money to change the community

Over the course of this project, BRDDG (in conjunction with the Meteor Development Group) created and open sourced the Apollo project for building GraphQL apps in javascript. We currently contribute to all aspects of Apollo and maintain the react-apollo integration as the primary developers.

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