The Variable Life

We helped author John Weirick bring his publishing dreams to life by providing branding, design, and marketing for his first book.

Design, Branding, Book Layout

Written over four years, The Variable Life is a labor of love from author John Weirick. When the time came to bring the book to life BRDDG was asked to create a visual identity for the book and the Kickstarter campaign that would precede its release, as well as social media assets and Kickstarter rewards.

Authors, musicians, and artists pour their lives into their work. Providing branding, design, and marketing support for their creative endeavors requires understanding and empathy as we seek to uncover and mine the essence of their creations. While the time-honored adage "you can't judge a book by its cover" may come to mind, succinct and memorable design plays a key role in enticing potential readers.

We measured our success on the project by these key metrics:

  1. Design a book cover that supports and accurately portrays the message of the book.
  2. Craft a scalable visual identity to market the book across multiple platforms.
  3. Design and typeset the interior layout of the book across multiple printed versions and digital platforms.

Throughout the design process, understanding the author's intent and the book's unique personality were paramount. We worked with John to distill the essence of the book into a visual narrative. Using mazes to signify the unknowns and choices of life, we designed the book cover and marketing assets, as well as incorporating the author's love of landscape photography.

The interior design of the book was refined and completed over several phases including the inital galleys, advanced reader copies, promotional copies, and the final published work. We chose graded typefaces speficically designed for uncoated stock and legibility at smaller sizes to minimize eye strain and printing inconsistencies.

Print and digital marketing assets were produced maintaining design consistency to promote the book across multiple platforms.

Applying empathy and understanding allowed us to understand John's work

The task of creating a visual identity for the creative endeavors of authors, musicians, and artists is incredibly rewarding. Applying empathy and understanding allowed us to understand John's work and create assets that aided in the promotion of a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign and in bringing his vision to life.

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