We helped Bethel Music design and build a custom education platform to distribute their worship school to students all across the world.

UI/UX, Design, Development

Bethel Music runs a world renowned worship school from their church campus in Redding CA each summer to train up worship leaders and musicians. With increasing demand from prospective students unable to travel to California, they asked us to translate their in-person school experience for an online audience.

WorshipU balances a unique recipe for success by providing technical sessions for the musician to grow, inspirational teaching from a wide array of speakers, and an atmosphere breeding the kind community that transcends the short time together.

WorshipU saw over 8,000 paying subscribers within its first year

It was our distinct pleasure and challenge to infuse these ingredients into an online education platform accessible from anywhere, on any device. This scaled quickly and we were able to help WorshipU to serve over 8,000 paying subscribers within its first year, while setting them up to continue to serve thousands of students around the globe.

WorshipU is built to provide a unique experience for each student, able go at their own pace, while engaging with an online community. Students pick the track they want to specialize in and can monitor their progress as they learn and grow.

Discussion topics allowed students to engage, spurring each other forwards, and encouraging one another through their struggles. Having mentors and teachers enter the discussions provided a key touch point to connect the students in a more intimate way.

Speed means more conversions and more money to change the community

One of the key pieces of the platform is a rich variety of video content, from music sets, lectures, and technical lessons, to live interviews. By capturing the technical lessons in a sterile studio environment we were able to capture greater detail, providing more value to students as they hone their craft.

Delivering the quality and volume of video effectively proved to be a key challenge we had to overcome to make the platform successful.

While developing the WorshipU application, we continually ran in to issues with their existing third-party video hosting and delivery system. It was also identified as the most expensive part of the technology stack. We were able to recommend, develop, and deliver a self-rolled video hosting and delivery solution that was not only more reliable, but also cost a fraction of the third party service.

  1. Custom admin integration for uploading and managing video by content managers
  2. AWS S3 for video hosting
  3. AWS Cloudfront for video delivery
  4. AWS Elastic Transcoder for producing a range of video formats and qualities
  5. Custom video player using Video.js, including selective quality and audio

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